DIGIT 3rd transnational meeting on the 1-2 October 2018 in Reus, Spain

DIGIT partners met for the third time during the project lifespan in Reus, Spain where the famous architect Gaudí was born. Under the last warm sunbeams of the year, the partners had a fruitful meeting to discuss how to fine-tune the Manifesto and guidelines for adult educators, which will be ready in the coming weeks.

Besides the Manifesto, the partners will soon publish a one-page document gathering “20 tips for learners” aiming to reflect on digital footprint implications and to take action to become a responsible digital citizen. 

The consortium also had a preview of the future online platform, which will be hosting the training programme associated with the Manifesto. The European network Dlearn will be responsible for this second output of the project. At the beginning of 2019, all this online content will be showcased offline through a series of multiplier events in partner countries, a flash mob, and pilot testing of the training programme during the spring months.

Are you an adult educator interested in digital footprint? Would you like to pilot test the training programme in your class?

Contact us here for more information!

And SAVE THE DATE for the DIGIT final conference next year (October 2019)!