DIGIT Focus groups report in one Infographic!

DIGIT Focus Group Infographic

During the first  project phase, the partners organised three online or face-to-face focus groups in their countries (Poland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Greece, Slovenia and Spain), gathering various stakeholders to assess their awareness and competences on digital identity related issues. At the meetings, the participants – educators, policy-makers, parents and digital experts – explored the four main issues previously unveiled by the project team together:

  1. Management of personal account and image
  2. Online safety and security
  3. Digital citizenship
  4. Internet and its side effects

During the focus groups, participants were asked to fill in the same questionnaire, which had previously been translated into the partners home languages. The results are presented in the featured infographic. The data and its analysis will feed into the first project deliverable, namely The DIGIT Manifesto and guidelines for adult educators.

DIGIT Focus Group Infographic (PDF)