Greek Focus Group Meetings

On March and April 2018 three separate focus group meetings were held on Platon Schools in Katerini. The Greek focus group consisted of 10 persons, psychologists, lawyers, educators and parents with ages raging from 32 to 56 years old.  The members of the focus group had different backgrounds and interests. Each meeting was approximately two hours long. Each meeting had a strict agenda and it was recorded on voice recorders for further analysis.

The topics discussed on those meetings were:

  • What is a Digital Footprint and how do we generate a Digital Footprint?
  • Personal data online.
  • Responsible use of Internet.
  • PC Security.

The discussions of the focus group led us to some primary conclusions and helped us to understand the mindset, attitudes and way of thinking of adult internet users and also identify points and topics that they can not understand or they were not paying attention to. The meetings’ results will contribute to the development of the DIGIT MANIFESTO.