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ReFX Nexus v2

NEXUS2 is the next generation of high quality ROM synthesizer that can turn your music dreams into a fantastic reality. Forget the boring, boring, rent, old ROM feelings and hold on to the power of NEXUS2 to deliver your production to a new level of grandeur.
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NEXUS2 is exploring a new sonic area that offers complex, high-quality state-of-the-art storms that sound like the most expensive and best equipment today. Strong and simple architecture is the foundation that supports the design of an important and immediate and interesting tool. Each NEXUS2 sphere was built to deliver music of the highest quality, the fastest and least exciting.

NEXUS2 illuminates the 32-stage international stage with a change of note, a beautiful and simple three-stage gateway, an industry-leading reference source licensed by Acoustic Art and a modern design to help you carve out sound.

ReFX Nexus v2

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