Achievements of the project

The DIGIT project has developed several documents and materials to raise adults’ awareness on digital footprint issues: An infographic based on the results of the project research focus groups, a poster with Tips for learners, a Manifesto – Guidelines for adult educators, a training programme and policy recommendations.

Focus group infographic

See the Infographic here.

20 Tips for learners to reflect on their digital footprint

The 20 Tips are currently available in:

DIGIT Manifesto and guidelines for adult educators

It will result from partners’ research and information gathered through Focus Groups, where our target groups (adult educators, adults and other relevant stakeholders such as digital experts and public body representatives) were brought together to discuss the issues, dangers and opportunities of the digital world. The Focus groups results were illustrated by an infographic and one of the results of the Manifesto is the one-page document below gathering 20 useful tips for becoming a responsible digital user and citizen.

The Manifesto is currently available in English, Polish, Greek, French, Slovenian, Italian and Spanish.

DIGIT Manifesto – ENG (download pdf)

DIGIT training programme

The training programme is based on the Manifesto and includes offline and online activities that adult education can use in their class under the form of Powerpoint presentations. The training programme and related quiz can be accessed on a Moodle platform. All modules below are composed of three parts: “Let’s starts”, “Dive In” and “Wrap-up”. See below:

  • Module 1 “Management of personal accounts and image” – PDF file
  • Module 2 “Be safe online and secure your PC” – PDF file
  • Module 3 “Be a responsible digital citizen” – PDF file
  • GDPR Handout – PDF file
  • Module 4 “Be aware of the side effects of excessive Internet use” – PDF file
  • Case studies – PDF file

The training programme PDF files are available in Polish, Greek, French, Italian, Slovenian and Spanish on this page. A video also explains how to access the online learning platform.

Policy recommendations

DIGIT Policy recommendations – English, Polish, Greek, Slovenian, French, Italian, Spanish

Project flyer – updated version (pdf)