DIGIT Focus Group Meetings in Poland

The meetings of the Polish Focus Group gathered for the DIGIT project took place in Warsaw between February and April 2018. Each meeting counted with participation of 10 people, among adult educators, internet safety experts, seniors and general adult internet users.

The topics discussed included:

  • How do we generate Digital Footprint?
  • Management of personal image online
  • What are the consequences of excessive Internet use?
  • How to secure my PC?

The engaging discussions within the group and conclusions gathered helped to understand better habits, attitudes and worries of adult internet users and identify the most important issues to be addressed in the later stages of the project. The meetings’ results are contributing to the development of the DIGIT MANIFESTO, including tips for the competent and conscious use of the internet.

Greek Focus Group Meetings

On March and April 2018 three separate focus group meetings were held on Platon Schools in Katerini. The Greek focus group consisted of 10 persons, psychologists, lawyers, educators and parents with ages raging from 32 to 56 years old.  The members of the focus group had different backgrounds and interests. Each meeting was approximately two hours long. Each meeting had a strict agenda and it was recorded on voice recorders for further analysis.

The topics discussed on those meetings were:

  • What is a Digital Footprint and how do we generate a Digital Footprint?
  • Personal data online.
  • Responsible use of Internet.
  • PC Security.

The discussions of the focus group led us to some primary conclusions and helped us to understand the mindset, attitudes and way of thinking of adult internet users and also identify points and topics that they can not understand or they were not paying attention to. The meetings’ results will contribute to the development of the DIGIT MANIFESTO.

Focus Group Meetings in Slovenia.

UPI’s focus groups took place on 6, 13 and 27 March 2018 and were attended by 10 participants. In the course of the three afternoon sessions we discussed various topics (digital footprint, types of personal accounts, use of social media, privacy settings etc.) with the focus on personal accounts and images.

Among the participants were also a respresentative of the Academic and Research Centre of Slovenia (ARNES) and a respresentative of Safe.si project from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana who shared their rich experience in the field of digital footprint. Apart from a very engaged participation that included an exchange of believes, habits, fears and solution seeking, all participants filled in an (online) questionnaire and were eager to stay tuned for further project activities.

Focus Group Meetings in Spain!

In March 2018, in Reus (Spain), DomSpain organised 3 sessions of 1.5 hour each of  a focus group. It was formed by 12 participants in total who were adult people aged 50 or plus. Most of them were retired from the field of banking health, education and public servants. Therefore, the group was mixed in terms of interests and background. The sessions were hold in Catalan and Spanish.

The sessions were led by a psychologist (who dealt mainly with those topics regarding side effects) a social worker and an adult educator.

After these sessions, the participants organised themselves in 4 groups according to their interests and knowledge, and spent some time discussing and brainstorming about the four main issues that they had been working on:

  1. Management of personal accounts and image
  2. Be safe online and secure your PC
  3. Be a responsible digital citizen
  4. Be aware of the side effects.

Almost all participants were very engaged in the sessions and participated to a high extent to all activities and expressed there willingness to continue involved in the project.