In March LLLP organises three Focus Groups in Brussels to explore awareness about digital online behaviour

The LLLPlatform was one of the partners involved in the first project phase which consisted in the organisation of focus groups (workshops) taking place in a face-to-face format. LLLP Focus Groups brought together around 10 participants three times (for around 1.5 hrs each) coming from various backgrounds representing the project target groups: adult education stakeholders, digital experts and policy-makers. The topics addressed the issues (risks, challenges and opportunities) of the digital world among which were: management of personal accounts, image and data, side effects of internet and digital abuse, PCs safety and security, and digital citizenship.

LLLP had its meetings on the 2nd, 19th and 27th of March 2018 and gathered relevant qualitative data and quantitative data (via a questionnaire) that will feed into the first project deliverable, namely The DIGIT Manifesto and guidelines for adult educators. Among the major inputs was the idea that adult educators should not aim at scaring people because of potential digital threats and risks but rather focus on hands-on solutions to insufficient privacy, safety or limited responsibility with regard to online behaviours. Overall, most participants were already quite aware of the  issues discussed and the proposed solutions mostly belonged to the education field in the sense that raising awareness, fostering critical thinking and basic digital skills need to take place as part of formal and non-formal education.