20 useful tips to become a responsible digital citizen!

After some fine-tuning during the last transnational meeting in Reus (Spain), DIGIT project partners are ready to present their “20 tips for learners”, a one-page document introducing the concept of digital footprint (the record or trail left by one’s online activities) and inviting Internet-users to reflect on its implications. The document, which constitutes an integral part of the upcoming Manifesto and guidelines for adult educators, presents 20 useful tips relating to the issues of personal accounts and image, online security, digital citizenship and excessive Internet use, and aims at encouraging readers to take action towards becoming responsible digital users and citizens.

The document is available in A4 format and A3 format (pdf).

Feel free to share these results with your students, colleagues and network and stay tuned for the Manifesto and guidelines for adult educators, a comprehensive guide for educators interested in introducing adult learners to the issue of responsible online identity.

SAVE THE DATE for the DIGIT final conference next year (October 2019)!

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